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Welcome! This guide includes helpful resources to support your educational and career journeys as students, and also includes recommendations for our faculty and staff

Library resources

Whether you're a student, faculty member, or staff engaging with the student community, we hope you'll find something here that can support your educational journey in the classroom and beyond. Our Library Collection is home to countless great resources, printed and electronic, including material to help you find success at college and support your transformation into a lifelong learner.

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SPECIAL FEATURE Explore our trial databases at AUK ➤ Academics ➤ Library ➤ Resources ➤Trial Databases

The Library regularly offers trials of new academic databases to allow our students, faculty, and researchers the opportunity to evaluate their suitability and use. Your feedback plays a big role in influencing decisions on which products we choose to purchase, so we encourage you to take some time and take a look at the current options linked below, and send your input to

For off-campus access, remember to log in with your valid AUK username and password to view the collections

Recommendations for faculty

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Recommendations for students

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Recommendations for staff

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