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Education: For Students: Career planning

Welcome! This guide includes helpful resources to support your educational and career journeys as students, and also includes recommendations for our faculty and staff

It's never too early to explore your options!

Below are some featured items from our collections to help you plan ahead and ensure you're feeling confident and prepared to start your new journey.

Check out our Library resources on developing your resume, preparing for job applications, and how to stay on top of the interview process. If you have no idea what field or industry you'd like to get into, have no fear: check out our career assessment tools to get some advice and suggestions. And if you're feeling nervous about entering the workforce, check out some of the recommended online articles for some encouraging, practical tips.

Good luck!

Books on university majors and careers

Books on resumes

Books on job interviews

Get support from your Career Services team!

If you're looking for a guiding hand on your journey towards building your career, why not visit the Office of Alumni Affairs and Career Development for advice? The team can help you explore your options when it comes to internships while you are still a student, as well as preparing for a career or graduate school after you've graduated from AUK. You can also visit the AACD office to get more concrete, practical support when it comes to putting together and polishing your resume or when it comes to coordinating and accessing different professional networks to find a great fit for you.

For info visit AUK ➤ Career Development Services

Contact information: 1802040 or 22248399 ext. 3809 or

Campus Location: Student Center - Floor 3

Online career and personal assessment tools