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Welcome! This guide includes helpful resources to improve your academic writing skills, from research to composition to subject-specific recommendations

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Our Library Collection is home to countless great resources, printed and electronic, including material to help your college success!

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Advance your abilities: Language building blocks

Succeed through challenges: In-depth improvement

Basics: Handy guides to writing at university

Stylish Academic Writing by Helen Sword

A Sequence for Academic Writing by Laurence Behrens and Leonard Rosen

Academic Writing: A handbook for International students by Stephen Bailey

A Writer's Reference with Exercises by Diana Hacker

Academic Writing by Luke Strongman

Watch: An introduction to academic writing

The places you'll go with academic writing? Anywhere!

"while many avid readers relish books written by the great vagabonds, such as Twain, Kerouac, London, etc., there is still a fascinating body of work put out by college professors. Some academics, such as J.R.R. Tolkien and C.S. Lewis, are so widely read that few realize that their careers were intricately interwoven with the university system for many decades."

Read the rest of the article Famous Writers Who Flourished in Academia to explore well-known and not-so-well known authors who found their talents while honing their scholarly writing abilities, from Tolkien and Lewis to Lawrence Ferlinghetti (pictured here with a young Sylvia Whitman)

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If you're not sure how to approach your academic writing projects, or just want a helpful pair of eyes to look over your work, you can request a one-to-one or group consultation with a trained tutor who can help you with any stage of the writing process, from understanding your assignment to developing and expanding your ideas and organizing your thoughts into a coherent whole. You'll also get advice on clear communication, academic writing and citation rules, and incorporating research research into your work.

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