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First Year Experience: Reference and Instruction Help

Our Services


  • To guide you to make an effective use of the library resources and services
  • To find relevant resources for your research assignment
  • To help you evaluate these resources , and use the information effectively
  • To use the internet or World Wide Web resources effectively


Our Reference and Instruction Librarians


‚ÄčFadia Al Akhras                                        

Wadha Ahmed 

Research Instruction Workshop

As part of the students First Year Experience, students take a compulsory Research Instruction workshop. 

Students will be enrolled in sessions in in which they will be able to answer a related worksheet.

A pass stamp will be granted for students who fulfill the requirements of the workshop. 


Learning Outcomes:

Students will be able to:

  • Distinguish between the various types of information resources in order to select appropriate materials for class assignments.
  • Discover “Wikipedia-like” tools in order to provide them with multiple lenses for finding background information on their topic.
  • Identify keywords in order to conduct successful online searches.
  • Devise effective and efficient search strategies to find a range of relevant information resources.  
  • Conduct catalog and EDS (EBSCO Discovery Service) searches in order to find and locate materials available in the library
  • Evaluate the information resources to reduce the likelihood of using unreliable information.