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Environmental Studies: Audiovisual Materials

The academic field which systematically studies human interaction with the environment. It is a broad interdisciplinary field of study that includes the natural environment, built environment, and the sets of relationships between them.This guide will hel

Audiovisual Materials

Academic Videos Online Database



Academic Video Online is a comprehensive video subscription database available in our AUK online library. It delivers almost 70,000 titles spanning the widest range of subject areas including anthropology, business, counseling, film, health, history, music, and more. 

The content of this database is curated for the educational experience. The massive depth of content and breadth of content-types (such as documentaries, films, demonstrations, etc.) in multiple languages, such as English, French and Spanish, makes it a useful resource for all library users, 

Find Academic Video Online in the AUK Library website ► Resources ► Online Videos.

For off-campus access, please prove your affiliation with AUK  by using your valid AUK email and password