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Citation Guide: Evaluating Web Sources

Evaluating Criteria


What is the purpose of the site ? Commercial, personal, educational. entertaining...etc.

What does the URL (Web address) extension say about the purpose of the website?

         .gov  Government agency

         .net   Internet service provider

         .com Commercial site

         .edu  Higher education

         .Mil   Military site



Does the author give credit for the information used? Is there a reference list?


Does the content reflect bias? How does the bias impact the usefulness of the information?


When was the page produced? Is the information on page updated regularly? Are there dead links on the page?


Can you move around the site easily? Does the site have a text-based alternative? Is there an index?


Is the page well organized? Is the information presented clearly? Are there spelling mistakes?


Who is the author? What are his credentials? Is he qualified to speak on the subject? Is there a reference list?

Evaluating Websites

Video credit: University of Maryland Global Campus Library.