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Oral History and Documentation Project -AUK

The Oral History and Documentation Project  is the first comprehensive program to actively conduct oral histories in Kuwait on a wide range of topics and themes, in order to preserve the voices, memories, and experiences of generations of Kuwaitis and non-Kuwaitis. The importance and urgency of this project lies in the dearth of information and resources available on Kuwait’s history since the pre-oil era. The aim of the project is to develop an archive of recorded interviews that will serve as a valuable resource to the AUK community, researchers, and the general public. Currently, the OHDP is focused on recording the life histories of those born before the 1960s. These recorded interviews explore the memories of individuals who experienced the drastic shift in Kuwaiti society with the advent of oil, as well as their experiences of major events such as the Iraqi invasion of Kuwait in 1990 and the Gulf War in 1991.

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